Aims of ACTS

The mechanism of ASEAN Credit Transfer System was established to reduce the barriers for student and academic mobility. The establishment is aiming to:

  • enhance and facilitate student mobility among AUN Member Universities
  • prepare students in AUN Member Universities for ASEAN Intergration by 2015
  • prepare student for a future career that will likely moving around in the region
  • help promote harmony, understanding and the ASEAN spirit in the region
  • complement the program of indivisual universities by expanding the choice of courses and programs available to their students
  • strengthen higher education cooperation among AUN Member Universities


Scope of ACTS

Mechanism of ACTS is implemented for AUN Student Exchange Program among AUN Member Universities. This system would be applicable for both undergraduate and graduate student. It is applied for all programs open under AUN Student Exchange Program.

As agreed in the 5th AUN-ACTS Steering Committee Meeting in Penang, March this year, utilization of ACTS will be expanded. ACTS will not only be used among AUN Member Universities, but also will be used in collaboration with AUN partner universities. In 2014, ACTS is scheduled to be used in collaboration with Japanese partner universities under “Re-inventing Japan Project”.