AUN STUDENTS WEEK 2018 “Life Below Water”


“Life Below Water”



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Universitas Indonesia (UI) has joined the ASEAN University Network (AUN)  since 1995. One of the main goals of AUN is to enhance the linkage between members that could be achieved through scholars and students mobility. As the active member of AUN as well as the Chair of AUN CREDIT TRANSFER SYSTEM (ACTS), UI initiates to host the student mobility program that is called “AUN STUDENTS WEEKS”.

”AUN STUDENTS WEEK” is a two-week mobility program with an opportunity of earning 3 credits (with 44 contact hours)upon completion. The program is designed to gather students of AUN member universities in promoting the spirit of ASEAN among ASEAN youth. The main topic of this year program is LIFE BELOW WATER, which will be discussed and assessed thoroughly and comprehensively.

The program will be conducted in the form of in-class lectures (with multidisciplinary study approach), cultural sessions, field study to some institutions related to the lectures taking during the program and cultural trip. In this program, participants will not only have a chance to broaden their knowledge but also experience different cultures of ASEAN.

“Life below Water”, has been chosen as the theme of this year program, which aim to encourage participants to have broaden intellectual, and awareness on the importance of life below water which has been a global issue and challenge faced by modern society.

This program will be conducted with a multidisciplinary approach, involving prominent lectures from Natural Sciences, Engineering, Law, Public Health, Humanities, and Economy.

Universitas Indonesia invites every AUN+3 member university to send 2 (two) students as the representatives  from each University to join this program. Universitas Indonesia will give full scholarships for 30 students as a first come first served basis one student from each university. A program fee of 500USD/ person includes airport transfer on departure and arrival, meals during the program (exclude dinner), program materials, certificate of participation and cultural activities during the program. Each university could nominate 1 student to get the scholarship. Each university may indicate which student that is nominated for full scholarship. Others participants will only need to pay for the program fee, while UI will give scholarship to cover the accommodation fee. The accommodation scholarship will be available for 10 participants.


Program Content

Pre-program: Participants of the program are required to submit 2-pages essay related to the topic, based on their own perspective or related to their field of study. It should be submitted at the latest one week before their arrival.


Main Program


  1. In-class lectures

In-class lectures are provide to equip participants with necessary concept to help them in getting deeper understanding about the contemporary issues of LIFE BELOW WATER with multidisciplinary approach. The in-class lectures will be deliver by prominent scholars from various field; Engineering, Social and Political Sciences, Law, Humanities, Public Health, Economics&Business, and Mathematics&Sciences.

  1. Internship/Field Study

Short internship/field study will take place at offices or institutions that are related to topic of the program.  This internship/field study is provided to enable participants in obtaining first hand experience about contemporary issues on related topic from various sectors.

  1. FGD dan Presentation

FGD and presentation session will be one of assessment tools to review participants’ learning outcome. The assigned lecturer will review each participant for both individual and group performance.

  1. Language and Cultural Sessions

Language and cultural exposures are provided for participants to experience cultural diversities and similarities between the participant’s origin country and host country’s culture. Participants would get opportunity to learn language and traditional culture of host country, including cultural activities such as cultural trip to explore traditional cuisine, performance or music.



For Post program, students are required to submit 3 pages essay at the latest three weeks after the program about their opinion about the condition in Indonesia related to the topic and about the program and the benefit of participating in this program


Program Fee

Program fee is 500 USD/person which including airport transfer on departure and arrival, meals during the program (exclude dinner), program materials, certificate of participation and cultural activities during the program.



Universitas Indonesia is pleased to provide scholarships to those students nominated by AUN member universities, including:

  1. free accommodation and program fee waiver up to 30 nominated students.
  2. free accommodation waiver for the 2nd nominated student up to 10 students.



– Students from undergraduate program in any major can apply

– Have completed at least one year of full-time study at the time of application at your home institution

– Be recommended by your university, proven with a nomination letter from home institution

– Be able to actively communicate in English, proven with minimum score of or its equivalent:

* TOEFL ITP: 510         * TOEFL CBT: 180

* TOEFL IBT: 64           * TOEFL PAPER: 510

* IELTS: 5.0                   * TOEIC: 600

If the student cannot take the test on time or their english certificate did not meet the requirements, please submit recommendation letter from IRO office or official office certifying their english proficiency.


How to Apply

  1. Apply online through ACTS system and fill the Registration Form
  1. Submit Pre- Program Essay
  • Participants of the program are required to submit 2 pages essay. The essay should be about general information or understanding about Indonesia and their expectation towards the programme. It should be submitted one week before their arrival at the latest.
  1. Submit Post Program Essay
  • For Post-Program, students are required to submit 3 pages essay at the latest three weeks after the program about their opinion on how is the sustainable development in Indonesia and about the program and the benefit of participating in this program.


How to Pay

Bank transfers to this account


VIRTUAL ACCOUNT NUMBER : 8881-927-103006-253

BANK NAME                                  : BNI KANTOR CABANG UI


Then send the transfers receipt to and wait for the payment confirmation

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