Korea-ASEAN Webinar: Responses from Higher Education to Global Pandemic


The Korean Council for University Cooperation (KCUE), ROK in cooperation with AUN Secretariat, co hosted by ACTS Secretariat is going to organise the first Korea-ASEAN webinar on Responses from Higher Education to Global Panademic 2020 on 17 February 2021.
The event aims to envision responses to the global pandemic in higher education from the role of various relevant stakeholders, including national governments, universities, and the international body of students. At the webinar, we seek the presence of the Ministry of Education, ROK, government representatives, ASEAN Secretariat, university representatives, and ASEAN-Korea students. 
The webinar is specially designed to bring together ideas not only from top level academics and policymakers but also students in both ASEAN and Korea, for them to share their views and ideas about proper responses to education guidelines during and post the pandemic. This webinar will also serve as a platform for student voices on what they feel about university policy amidst COVID-19 and suggestions for the post-pandemic outlook.

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