Umi Amal

This is a good program giving students opportunities to pursue their studies abroad and gain valuable experience and strengthening their independency especially when dealing with academic and lifestyle management. I, throughout my time here in Manila, I enjoyed everything here and life is becoming more meaningful as I realize that I should feel very grateful to be given opportunity to undergo this program and especially having AUN program in my country, which have made my desire to experience study abroad came true. I have met a lot of international friends here, I learnt to respect their views, cultures, religion, I learnt to stay strong, self-motivated, helpful, etc. Overall, AUN is a way to bring student to experience real life. I look forward for offer of graduate studies scholarship for Bruneian students in the near future.

– Umi Amal Nadhirah Haji Jamil
Home University: University of Brunei Darussalam
Host University: De La Salle University

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